AHE is the company in this space that is pushing the envelop and continuously improving. We can only do this by listening to the customer and be willing to step up to their needs. New products usually make a quantum jump in process and functionality but frequently incorporate the specific size or design requirements of the launch customer. Our most recent products expand the use of Vacuum Infusion Process in our product line but are designed for even better environmental protection and simplified installation.

But you don’t have to buy into a whole new dome to get a solution tailored to your needs. We frequently morph our existing products into hybrids that get the job done. We are pleased to quote customization like the 20-ft dome with part of a 7-ft dome tacked on to cover a large mount, or multiple rings with a door to facilitate stand up entry.

Of course, our ideas are only brought to light with engineering talent and the latest tools for 3-D modeling integrated with CNC, CFD, and FEA. With a couple of decades experience in Human Factors and Mission Critical software for aircraft control and navigation we can provide a host of technical services to help you realize your project. With the advent of the “X” domes there is enormous potential for optimizing the performance of the instruments with aerodynamic control of mechanical and thermodynamic turbulence together with mission control via PLC logic, or remote programs communicating via MODBUS.