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Astro Haven Enterprises, Inc.
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P.O. Box 3637 San Clemente, CA 92674

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Astro Haven invented the clamshell observatory… Astro Haven Enterprises expands the envelope. In October of 2007 Astro Haven Enterprises Inc, a corporation of California took over the operations of Astro Haven Astronomical Ltd. in Canada and we are embarking on a new frontier of innovation in the areas of dome design, control and integration. In 2010 our plant in Lake Havasu City AZ was opened.

The new team brings years of experience in aerospace engineering, materials handling equipment design, and small business management to a product line already steeped in innovation with the mission of delivering innovative design and the best possible quality. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and our first objective was to capturing all aspects of the product in the latest in 3-D design and CAD as a foundation for future design and quality assurance.

Astro Haven History

In 1995 Grover Brotherston, at the age of 75 founded Astro Haven Astronomical Ltd with the idea of using fiberglass for low cost dome construction. After building a couple of rotating domes he came up with the idea of a non-rotating fiberglass clamshell design. In the thirteen years following he expanded the range of these domes from the 7-foot model up to the big 20-foot domes together with a host of variations and related products like the oval dome and the 4-foot support structure. Along the way he conceived of other applications including planetariums and concert bandstands. At the age of 88 he reluctantly passed the mantel and we are proud to inherit a great design legacy.